Stayed up is spring, bow is autumn, may all the happiness is following you。 Happy New Year!


In every phone call, a happy New Year bring you happiness and joy! Happy New Year!


Maybe you have another valentine's day, don't want to disturb you, but couldn't help but think of you, greetings to you。


New Year new atmosphere, I wish you in the New Year, happy always! Career show more to fill in your smile!


I don't know how to use forward heart bless for you, in the busy work please accept my sincere sincerity and greetings!


We don't often have the New Year, but we do often possess a new day, I wish you every year, every day is full of happiness and joy!


Recently the weather is changeable, please pay attention to your health, let summer warming Yang with you through a light-hearted weekend。


How are you? And the coming year let me faithful blessing you in the New Year with warm and sweet, wish you a happy New Year。


Sound blessing, filar silk, clusters of thoughts, turned into a gift, stay in your heart, I wish a happy New Year and all the best!


With the coming of the New Year, wish your company scale, business development, the business is thriving, source of money widely enter!


May joy and health as the sun shines the earth around in your side, wish lucky happy like spring rain moisten all things around you。


A long distance try to ask peaceful deny? And send the miss distance。 Continuous love and concern, the thick cordiality and wish。 Happy New Year!


Please open the window, let the New Year's wind blow your room and the snow flying in, my warming wish, float into your heart。


The first wind buckle door in the morning is my loyal greetings to you; You don't fall at night the stars is my best wishes to you good night。


I call the sun every day happy sunshine on you, my name is the moon every day to give you a sweet dream, wish you all the best!


Have a good mood, such as has a sincere blessing, wish you health, you happy, I wish I don a blessing forever accompany you around。


Morning dawn breaks, happiness around you; At noon the sun is shining, smile in your heart。 Xishan evening sunset, happy with you one day。


Every day to do three things: the first is a smile, the second is laughter, the third thing is laugh, wish you laugh every day, don't giggle now。


May sweet。 I wish you every hour of the day, peace be with you through each of the points, may happiness accompany you spend a minute of every second。


The greatest happiness in my life is met to collect you, and the largest misfortune is can't have you。 Cannot have to collect you, but I still love you。


Night come, greetings to, let you put aside worries at large; The breeze, the stars, may you tonight good sleep enough; I wish you tonight, sweet dreams。


I see you gather, I am afraid to get an electric shock; I can't see to collect you, I need to recharge。 If there is no collect you, I think I will power outages。


To cool breeze, to the best of luck and always follow your beautiful life, let the message over and over again in my blessing forever, wish have a nice weekend!


A short message, a sincere greetings, representing the care and miss, contains the blessings and encouragement, I wish a happy New Year, family happiness!


Over the past year we cooperation is very happy, thank you for your attention and wish you and your family have a happy, happy! Happy New Year and prosperous New Year。


Springs, like a string, day and night playing the hometown of folk songs, bring my greetings, flying out of valley, flow into the ocean, looking for you。


Says busy, idle idle, can relax the leisure; Say nearly not nearly, said, is it far true friend miss; Say how much, said little, happy holiday continuous!


To you on time reporting the weather forecast: today you will meet the money rain, wind, happiness friendship fog, love, health cloud, frost, hail, safety is happy。


The greatest benefit of travel, not to see how many people, see too many beautiful scenery, but walk, in a fortune, suddenly to redefine myself。 Good morning!


Going to sleep。 Remember today happy and sweet, though not rich today, tomorrow, is it you or your, you just want to sleep, I wish you all a dream come true。


All the blessings of all words is redundant, is hidden in the heart, over the weekend, let's go to see the sea, to listen to the wind, to experience love in natural world。


Quiet night, the moon, in the light, to me, deep thoughts。 Sweet and stars, shining flash, pass me, beautiful wishes, bless you, dream, dream sweet, beautiful dream。


When one door of happiness close, another door will open。 But most of the time, but we are staring at the closed door for a long time, but ignored the new open the door。


Friends always at heart, the bosom friend is precious, the lamplight, good friends, a small message spread good news, hope friends see - such as people, the moment not forget friends heart。


Dumplings yuanxiao round, round, round and round circle circle holidays! New Year, spring, and a great year! Best wishes for you and your family: camfrog peace happy Lantern Festival!


Online time like fly knife, the knife knife ruthless people old; The most important body revolution, Internet don't stay up all night。 For the body to maintain good, he slept by two o 'clock。


Days together just to brew a cup of strong wine, full of acacia, gazing at you in the New Year's firecrackers so charming face, just want to say to you: love you ten thousand years!


Like a voice, is the breeze fell dew; Appreciation of a picture, is lang months ornament sky; Intoxicated with a breath, is diffuse kuang orchid valley; I wish you a happy weekend!


Wine, the longer the more alcohol, friends cross the longer true; Water flow more and more clear, the vicissitudes of life more flow more light thing in the world。 Happy birthday to 19 years old, always a good mood。


Your happiness is my miss in my heart, your health is every day I look forward to, everything goes well with you is my forever wish, my happiness is to see you happy smiling face。 Honey, have a nice weekend!


Let the stars send my blessing, let xiao yu sent to relaxed the cold wind, let the good luck always follow you and colorful life, let the message over and over again in my blessing forever, wish have a nice weekend!